To win a prominent position in the future of mobility, founded on strategic cornerstones.

Those who operate in the mobility industry know it is necessary to work from the standpoint of continuous evolution.


And that responding to each project in an efficient manner is more than just offering engineering solutions.


It requires a holistic approach, founded on various aspects.


Our approach
To win a prominent position in the future of mobility,
founded on strategic cornerstones.


Making car seats a better place to be is not just a destination… it’s a journey. The starting point is understanding the customer’s needs, and then working in partnership. It’s overseeing a process that can include several phases, depending on the customer’s specific needs. Design, planning, engineering, prototyping, product certification, supplier selection. We aim to provide our customers with a service that goes far beyond simply making seats.


In the area of mobility, the transformative ability of high-tech is what allows us to move forward. To produce seats – an essential part of proper automotive vehicle performance – and develop metal parts for different applications, we combine our know-how with a solid technology base.


Design is a key concept in everything we do. Form and Function, Aesthetics and Technology are binomials in our equation when we design seats that stand out for their style and features. When we choose innovative materials capable of combining comfort and elegance. When we focus on a refined aesthetic sense as a way of adding value to our customers’ brands.


Optimizing means bringing something new. Innovating across the board is a requirement to remain constantly at the forefront in the production of seats that stand out for their sturdiness, ergonomics and comfort. We invest in cutting-edge technology to ensure high standards of quality and safety. We rely on research, ergonomic studies and market feedback to develop products that move in line with consumer demands and trends.


Creating personalized seats means having the freedom to design and tailor. The knowledge to develop features that address specific requirements. Commitment to detail in the choice of materials, colours, application of symbols or stitching. Giving personality to our products is a way to create differentiation.


Positioning ourselves in the future of mobility means moving forward with best environmental practices. We go even further with our commitment to contributing towards a greener planet, seeking to reduce the impact of our business and investing in more sustainable solutions. Because tomorrow must be achieved today.